Back to Roots - Australian tour, 2019

The Knowledge Exchange is proud to bring you the UK team from back to Roots presenting courses that put the ‘play’ back into movement!


This CPD programme aims to create a paradigm shift in healthcare.

We know that exercise adherence is a major issue, and that the growing emergence of the BPS model is great, but often difficult to implement.

Back to Roots are renowned for their innovative, playful and patient centred approach to helping patients and communities. Back to Roots guide individuals from being in pain (sensitive) to beyond pain (robust), ultimately achieving their meaningful end goals whilst being fully supported by the evidence base through every step of the process.

Ironically, active self-management is actually a partnership; a partnership where we create an individualised process that is not only fun for the patient, but interactive and fun for you as the healthcare provider also. This is their interpretation of a paradigm shift in healthcare and full throttle exercise adherence mission! We look forward to sharing this model with you.

Want to see what they’re all about? Here’s their website …

15 ESSA points / 16 hours of CPD

Sydney - September 28th &29th

Melbourne - October 5th & 6th

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Seminars Goals

  • Learn how to build an infinite library of options for BioPsychoSocial Exercise/Pain Rehabilitation and be able to support this with current research

  • Be able to create Robust patients (Physical and Mental) on a path to “self management” whilst understanding that the best way to achieve this is developing the partnership with YOU

  • Meshing Pain Science with Exercise Rehabilitation Adherence, not fearing this shift but embracing the creativity that this allows in clinical reasoning

  • Creating patient “buy in” to active care. How to achieve this difficult process

  • Learn how to build, progress or regress relevant lifestyle & movement programs based on your patient’s meaningful end goals, that you and your patients can self score, record and evaluate.

  • Understand the depth of PLAY - why it’s such a serious topic in Rehab

  • Fully understand when you need a “clock based” exercise rehabilitation schedule, and when you require a “cloud” based rehab program.

  • Have more fun in a CPD that you’ve ever thought possible. We live and breathe our philosophy


Monday morning you will be able to:

  • Create a full, detailed BioPsychoSocial rehabilitation program based around your patients end goals

  • Learn how to progress, regress and teach you patients’ to self manage this entire process, whilst maintaining a partnership with them throughout.

  • Understand the clinical reasoning for Play

  • Have an assessment process for Yellow Flags (Attitudes and Beliefs)

  • Learn how to sell a program for Active Care and create “Buy In”

  • Have a library of movement games, and playful options ready to roll out, yet be able to clinically reason all of them and have supportive evidence for the entire process.

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