Lumbar Spine & SIJ

Be confident with the most prevalent complaint


Why do some people get better and others don't? This course will remove your self-doubt and have you confident the minute you step back into work on Monday. We have your back, so you can have theirs.

  • Real life patient demonstrations.

  • Mind-blowing, myth busting review of the literature.

  • Practical sessions.

  • Pain science.

  • Motivational interviewing techniques

  • Topics we address include: Posture, movement assessments, neutral spine versus flexion, load, core, gluteals, alignment, psychosocial factors, red flags, and so much more…

  • Application of theory to clinical practice in a fun, life changing way...

Book now to avoid missing out on changing the way you practice forever.

Seriously the best CPD course I have been to, it changed everything for me! Everyone should do it!
— Anna Schaufuss (Physio)

Upcoming Dates

5th & 6th October, 2019 ADELAIDE

9th & 10th November, 2019 BRISBANE

23rd & 24th November, 2019 MELBOURNE


For two day course - $799.00

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Honestly one of the most productive and beneficial workshops I’ve ever been to, with implementation into practice immediate and results evident.
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