The Team

We don’t see our selves as educators but rather facilitators of ideas, discussion and critical appraisal. We do this because we aren’t satisfied with the status quo of health care and believe we can all do far better for our patients.

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Brendan Mouatt

Brendan is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist based out of Adelaide, Australia.

Brendan’s passion for healthcare comes from spending many years after completing his masters searching for the best modalities to help people suffering from musculoskeletal pain. This lead to his training in many modalities including McKenzie MDT, Mulligan techniques and (so much) more. With this training he became frustrated with the realisation that some people would improve rapidly and others, who presented in an almost identical fashion, would not - no matter how many courses he would complete. This lead to a dark and deep search to make sense of these varying presentations in the research, before realising he, like many others had been looking at it all wrong. The answer didn’t lie in trying to develop magical hands, but rather, a skill set that most practitioners already have.

He continues to practice, facilitate courses, and is a part of the Body in Mind research group at the University of South Australia.

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Luke Postlethwaite

Luke is an Accredited Exercise Physiologist and the founding director of The Biomechanics health clinic in Melbourne, Australia.

Luke’s passion for making a positive shift in healthcare means he spends his energy coming up with powerful ideas and narratives for clinicians and business owners to take the latest research into clinical practice in both a meaningful and ethical way.

Luke has been in sport performance, fitness and health care for over a decade with a variety of experience including; General population in all its complexity to AFL and WFL, National Cycling, Triathlon clubs, Dance schools and individual athletes.  In addition to pondering life’s meaning, Luke still practices 20hrs a week with a focus on complex cases, presents regularly in courses and conferences and consults with other health practices and owners to facilitate their success whilst they navigate their own challenges and leaving a positive influence in their wake.

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James Molony

James is a Podiatrist at The Biomechanics, Melbourne- Australia.

His strong educational foundations in Exercise Science/ Human Movement lead James to pursue a career in Podiatry, determined to help people suffering from lower extremity musculoskeletal pain. Following the completion of James’ Masters Degree in Podiatric Practice he went on to delve into the world of private practice. Through well over 8 years of tertiary education, many post university personal and clinical development courses and experienced clinical support, James has found a better way at approaching clinical presentations, one that is simple, without quick fixes or gimmicks and most importantly one that works.

James’ primary interest is running related musculoskeletal complaints as well as persistent lower extremity pain management.